Some of the best beaches in bali

Some of the best beaches in bali – A trip to Bali has topped many bucket lists. Being one of the most charming and beautiful islands in the Indonesian archipelago, it is easy to see why. From treks through lush monkey-infested forests to surfing along volcanic sandy beaches, Bali offers visitors a vacation they will beg to repeat.

The elite island’s pristine coastline, incredible beaches and dazzling blue waters are a dream. From the popular white sandy spots on the south coast to the serene black beaches hidden by towering cliffs, you’ll never get bored by the beach. A haven for water sports, Bali’s beaches attract divers and surfers from all over the world. It’s also a phenomenal place for family vacations, with plenty of luxury beach resorts and fun water parks.

Now for the tricky part deciding which paradisiac beach to visit. We’ve narrowed down the choices with a list of the best beaches in Bali.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety concerns.

1. Amed

Located on Bali’s northeast coast, Amed’s most beautiful features are found under clear turquoise water. Healthy coral gardens line the seabed, rewarding visitors with a spectacular display of vibrant colors and unique marine life. As a result of this thriving aquatic environment, diving and snorkeling top the list of things to do in this black sand oasis. Historic shipwrecks only add to the mystical allure.

More than 15 miles north is Tulamben, another point of interest for divers. Don’t forget your waterproof camera.

Above ground, you’ll see volcanoes soaring into the sky and local jukung fishing boats floating in neat rows near the shore. You’ll find plenty of accommodation near Cadidasa, a charming 40-minute drive south. Wear water shoes or sandals, because the beach is rocky.

2. Jimbaran Bay

No holiday in Bali is complete without a trip to Jimbaran Bay-a piece of paradise on the south coast. The waves here are calm, and the sand is soft, making it the perfect family vacation destination. Many sand castles have been built (and destroyed) on this beach. The reason most people come here is to watch the sun set slowly before disappearing into the sea.

Tourists have captured the bay’s impressive charm, which is why so many luxury honeymoon resorts, hotels and restaurants line its golden beaches. One of the main things to do here is eat on the beach. You will find many restaurants with tables on the sand, ready to enjoy the perfect sunset view.

Insider Tip: Dial up romance by booking an “exclusive romantic table” at Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant. You will eat in the shape of a heart drawn sand with petals on a secluded table on the beach. The seafood is very fresh and very tasty.

3. Sanur

Sanur is a great place to go if you’re looking for something a little quieter and simpler than touristy Kuta (see number 13 below). Just because it’s quieter doesn’t mean you have to worry about where to stay—there are plenty of beachfront resorts to choose from. There are plenty of “warungs” (locally owned and operated restaurants or small shops) selling food and items you’d forgotten about (like sunscreen). This adds to the charm of the area and gives you a more cultural feel to your holiday as you soak up the village vibes.

The beach is clean and beautiful, and there are almost no waves due to the nearby breakwater. Low tide makes swimming a challenge, which is probably why sailing and kitesurfing are among the most popular things to do on this quieter island.

Take a break from the heat of Sindhu Market in the city. This small night market is famous for its delicious (and cheap) street food. This is where you’ll find the most delicious (and authentic) martabak – Indonesian delights like thick pancakes. It is filled with sweet or savory foods (i.e. spicy beef) and is usually served with a sweet curry sauce. popular tourist places

Insider Tip: Walk or bike along the four-mile waterfront trail and stroll along the coast for temples. You never know what you will find in this wonderland.