Natur Nutritive Treatment Series, Beautiful Healthy Nutritious Hair

Natur has always been known for its herbal content to overcome various problems on the hair. With a fresher, modern, and safer look, Natur would be the main choice for healthy hair. Let’s take a look at the Natur Nutritive Treatment Series with the content of aloe vera extract, including step by step products, ranging from shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair tonic.

Hair Care Series with Natur Nutritive Treatment Series

Here is a series of hair treatments with Natur Nutritive Treatment Series that you can do at home to make your hair beautifully nourished. Come on, check out Marsha Beauty’s review below:

Natur Natural Extract Shampoo

It seems that we have agreed that the content of aloe vera provides nutrition to the hair and helps maintain the fertility of our hair. So, we don’t need to be afraid that our hair will fall out more because of using this shampoo. It will be thicker and healthier. How to use it is like using the usual shampoo, wet the hair, then give the product on the hair and massage gently then rinse until clean. 

Of course, with the use of a complete treatment along with hair tonic and conditioner will maximize the fertility function promised by this type of treatment series. This natural shampoo also has a very natural herbal scent, you know, so you don’t have to be afraid of your hair being exposed to chemicals such as SLS. Bye-bye chemical shampoo, hello Nature!

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Natur Conditioner Moisturize & Nourish Hair Shaft 

It feels like if you don’t use conditioner, it’s like there’s something missing, right? The hair also becomes less fine, less fragrant and less gives the effect of ‘falling, easy to arrange’. Well, Natur also presents a series of conditioners made from Aloe Vera that you can use after using shampoo. The content of olive oil and aloe vera helps provide nutrition to the hair strands to maintain fertility, moisture, as well as easy to manage and also not easy to fall out. 

Natur Hair Mask Nutritive Treatment 

Well, if this product is of course at least you have to use it a week for 2 times to nourish the hair deeply. How to use, wipe after rinsing until evenly on the hair strands. Massage the hair shaft from the base to the ends. Let stand for 1-2 minutes. Rinse until clean. 

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Natur Natural Extract Hair Tonic

Furthermore, this is a product that is used after the hair mask, girls. how do you shake the bottle, then immediately spray this product on the scalp and hair so that there is a fresh and natural aroma like herbs. You can also while massaging your scalp to relax and enjoy the herbal fragrance!

Natur Hair Vitamin 

This hair vitamin is quite unique because the way to use it is the same as a hair tonic. The difference is, this product contains provitamin B5 to soften and nourish each strand of your hair. In addition, this hair vitamin also seeks to protect your hair from hydration, helps hair fertility and will provide a glowing effect on each strand of your hair.

You will also get a cool sensation in the head because this product contains a fragrant and refreshing rose perfume. The good news is, you can also use this product before or after hair styling so that the hair is not damaged. 

From the review, many have already used, and even repurchased again. Reviews in e-commerce itself are already mounting. Wow so curious how aloe vera is applied to hair ?!