Enjoyable Family Travel Destinations near Hotel Andaz Singapore

Near Hotel Andaz Singapore, there are many places to go, especially for a family trip. Some families with children will need specific travel destinations that are kids friendly. Here are some recommendations for your travel plan in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore

That is a place where the kids can see some spots that have a Hollywood theme. There are many spots with exciting backgrounds like The Lost World. The other scenes are Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away from Shrek series, Science Fiction City, New York theme, and Madagascar. The children will like it a lot because it is exciting.

You only need about 17 minutes to go to Universal Studios Singapore. The tickets are affordable. Moreover, the kids will enjoy them a lot. It is better to go there on weekdays, so it is not so crowded.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

A futuristic place like this on the Bay will make you amazed. Many things are very astonishing. Some of the spectacular spots there are like an auditorium with 1.600 chairs and a movie theater with 2.000 chairs. There are also some shopping malls and studios. If you want to go there, you only need about 20 minutes from Andaz Singapore

Fort Canning

Do you like to enjoy some art performances? If you do, Fort Canning will make you excited. That is a park on a grassy hill that often held art performances. For example, some concerts and theatre. It is a historical place that has a very good atmosphere for family travelers. 6 minutes will be enough time to go there from the hotel that you stay in.

Do not forget to wear nice clothes and take some photographs there. The area is very beautiful and the kids will enjoy the art performances. Not only enjoy the art performances, but you can also have a small picnic with family in this grassy park.

Marina Bay

This is a place that contains many restaurants, buildings, and popular places. You can buy many things in this area. Souvenirs, culinary things, and working stuff are very common here. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your relatives, this place will be a good recommendation. Not far from the hotel, it only takes about 17 minutes for you to go there. So, the kids will not get bored.

Asian Civilization Museum

Asian Civilization Museum is a place that has unique and classic buildings. The shape of the building is like a box, and the color is cream. When you enter this place, you will see much historical proof about Asian civilization. For example, you can see Japanese traditional chessboard, Buddha’s sculptures, traditional vases, and many other beautiful pieces of artwork.

You and your family can go there in about 8 minutes only. It is very close to Andaz Hotel. That is why many people like to stay in this hotel because the location is near many popular places. So, do you want to reserve a room in this hotel too? Make sure to take the benefits of Hotel Promotion Singapore now.